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Mayan Warrior is a non-profit collaborative project uniting artists, musicians, technologists, and creatives worldwide with a core focus of supporting organizations and indigenous communities.

10 years of magic,
the story is yet to be told.


Through our Amulet fundraiser we aspire to:

Support artists by helping them build and showcase their large scale interactive art on the playa and at Mayan Warrior events. Along with becoming more community backed, expanding our global reach and elevating our production.


The idea for the art car stems from the Mayan ancestors, before agriculture and cultivation, where communities gifted each other as a way of life. The gifting economy at Burning Man coincides with the tradition of people thousands of years ago. We all resonate with the gifting culture, subconsciously it is innately within us. The idea is to contribute to something bigger than yourself, a community– to live a life with purpose aimed at helping those around you.

The Mayans held rituals which involved dancing to drum patterns long ago. A 21st century parallel is electronic music, as it still embodies elements of drums along with rhythm to enchant its audience.​


Mayan Warrior was built as an art car rather than a sound camp because of the ever changing possibilities and outcomes of the experiences that were possible. Fluid like water, free flowing.

The aesthetic is inspired by Mexican culture where faces of Gods, Goddesses and Warriors are engraved in stone. The body contains elements of sacred geometry as this is the blueprint of life.

The project brings together a community of technologists, electricians, artists, engineers, musicians and videographers/photographers etc. integrated in harmony to create and express the ways of our ancestors.

A community is essential to help create something bigger with shared interest for all.


Born on the playa and shared globally to bring attention to the mantra “we are all one”. Our fundraiser events are produced all around the world in: America, Canada, Mexico, UK, Russia and many more.

Impact & Meaning

To share and present the world with the incredible ascent of contemporary Mexican culture and way of life while paying respect to the deep and ancient sources from which their visual and auditory culture has grown from.

“Each journey focuses on the whole experience rather than a single moment or highlight”.

In a sense we are all warriors, bounded by our singularity. Get inspired and get involved!

Giving Back
  • Beach Cleanup in Tulum
  • Collaboration with Papaya Playa Project to give children educational resources
  • Bracelets made by the indigenous tribes of Mexico​


Pablo González Vargas

Art Car Founder & Artist

Founder of Mexico’s Sr. Pago, one of the leading E-Payment platforms in Latin America, Pablo is also the founder of EXA Radio and TV, among the most important media outlets for the Latin American Youth Market. It was during this time that he provided the vision which led to multiple concerts, performances, and music festivals. Working as a production director for the Dish/MVS TV network, Vargas remains a passionate supporter of the Visual and Performing Arts.

Among his artistic purists, Pablo was the founder and creator of the Mayan Warrior, a multimedia art vehicle that has visited Burning Man since 2012. Along with the interactive light and sound installation Ilumina which appeared at Burning Man for the first time in 2017.

Mayan Warrior Tulum