In Support of Donations from the Community, Mayan Warrior Introduces ‘The Mayan Warrior Amulet’

Creating a fundraiser that supports artists by helping them build, bring and showcase their work on and off the Playa, while simultaneously providing unique benefits and experiences to the community in the true Mayan Warrior spirit, worldwide.

Wondering what the Amulet looks like? 

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As we pass our 10 year benchmark, we can’t help but look back and reminisce on how fulfilling and remarkable this journey has been. Given this special occasion, we will be introducing digital Amulets for community members to purchase in directly supporting artists in building and displaying interactive art on the playa and at our fundraiser events globally. As an organization built by creatives, our core focus will be to help support artists that have graced us with their presence. As we embark in this new digital phase, we will be offering a virtual “all access pass” to our beloved community and beyond. “The Amulet” is a benefit heavy digital collectible that launches a new chapter for the Mayan Warrior Foundation as we celebrate our ongoing journey of uniting artists, musicians, and technologists worldwide. 

In long standing tradition of the Mayan spirit in gifting as a way of life, the Amulet provides a new way of giving back to the artists and creatives that have helped serve our community for over a decade by incorporating bracelets made by the indigenous tribes of Mexico, along with Amulets inspired from Mayan culture.

The goal of this “Amulet” fundraiser is to expand our reach in connecting with community members globally.  

The Mayan Warrior Amulet stays true to the Mayan culture from which our roots are deeply embedded. With a community-first approach, this new initiative grows our continued support for artists worldwide with a core focus of supporting organizations and indigenous communities. In support of the donations from community members, the community will be granted access to craft digital a “Mayan Warrior Amulet,” creating new possibilities for the community using a seamless, fully transparent, system via the blockchain. 

By utilizing blockchain technology, we will expand our crowdfunding reach and bring our fundraiser on-chain via the crafting of an Amulet, promising that the longer an amulet is held with an individual, the more gifts they receive. As we’ve seen over the years with the rise of blockchain technology in helping communities become integrated, our goal will always be to support artists worldwide, incorporating the true Mayan Warrior spirit through each step of this journey. 

We will use this opportunity to expand our global reach outside of North America with plans to elevate the technology used in our event production for a more immersive experience on and off the playa. As we take this next step, we bring with us our core ethos of building a community that embraces the ever changing possibilities and outcomes of the experiences that are possible. 

Amulet holders can look forward to:

  • All-Access Passes to our fundraisers (subject to RSVP capacity & availability)
  • Unique experiences at our fundraisers, including backstage access and special area designated for holders
  • Physical gifts made especially for the community

Holders of the Amulet pass will benefit from all-access passes to fundraisers which includes entry to VIP areas, exclusive backstage access, and more exciting perks including curated gifts made especially for the community.  The Mayan Warrior foundation is thrilled to announce our first stop of the year in Tulum, Mexico on January 13th, 2023, returning to our homeland as part of a tour of Mexico, announcing a journey that has only just begun.

“10 years of magic, the story is yet to be told” – Pablo González Vargas